"As young boys my brother and I were lucky to travel with our Dad, who was an outdoor writer. We travelled to numerous state and National Parks across 45 states, every province of Canada and northern Mexico.  It was a great childhood where we had the chance to meet every type of person you could imagine and saw some the most incredible sites this world has to offer. 

After 42 years in the construction industry, my business partner, Adam Wyatt, and I decided to start Camping Adventures of Louisiana to recreate the legacy provided to us early in our lives.  The greatest joy to us is that Camping Adventures of Louisiana allows us to offer the same opportunity to our customers; a chance to create lasting and impactive memories that last the rest of their lives.  Camping and exploring this world is a foundational and powerful chance for all of us to connect with the beautiful outdoors! What's more is that camping offers family bonding opportunity that is second to none.


Therefore, let's get out there and explore!"


-Craig Campbell, Co-Founder of Camping Adventures of Louisiana